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Hello everyone – it’s Tom here today with a special Christmas-themed blog post which will be perfect for those of you looking to get your hands on some of your own figures from this holiday period! It’s important for you to remember that these are just my opinions – we all like different products, and we all enjoy different themes and genres – so make sure you choose the figures which you are most likely to enjoy!

With all that said and done, let’s look at the minifigures which I think you’d enjoy finding in your stocking this holiday season! - Uncle Bob

Uncle Bob

One of the newest additions to the roster of minifigures available on right now, it’s safe to say that Uncle Bob is a wonderfully creative addition to your minifigure collection! Coming in a stylish leather jacket, complete with zip-up sleeves, and incorporating an awesome grenade launcher bandolier print, it is safe to say that Uncle Bob is ready to kick some minifigure butt! Plus, he comes complete with an awesome double-sided face print, giving you options for how you want to display him! One side has the cool and collected minifigure appearance of Bob – complete with his stylish sunglasses – and the other side reveals the cold and calculating robotic persona which is hidden within this minifigure! Fans of science fiction properties will absolutely love this minifigure.

If that wasn’t enough, he also comes with an alternate head – allowing you to go full robot with your minifigure if you wish! Alongside this alternate head, he also includes the fantastic BrickArms M1887 – allowing him to pack a punch and take out the other hostile minifigures in your toy box! If that isn’t enough, however, then Uncle Bob pairs well with accessories like the SI-Dan Minigun – allowing him to deliver the heaviest hits in your minifigure collection! If you’re a fan of Uncle Bob, don’t forget you can also get your hands on the brand-new Mimetic Cop to accompany him too.

Pick up your own Uncle Bob minifigure today.

John Brick

John Brick

Arguably one of the most stylish figures to join your LEGO toy-box, John Brick comes decked out in a stylishly-sharp black suit, complete with tie and waistcoat. A minifigure on a mission, John is one of the best LEGO assassins to ever live – and is sure to be a hit with fans of action-movies and adventure! John comes complete with an official LEGO hairpiece, and an accompanying face print with beard and cuts to highlight the fights that he has been in (and won!). He also comes with the BrickArms Combat Pistol – a great modern-looking sidearm which lets him get his job done with ease.

Also, included alongside this minifigure is a printed continental coin – allowing your John Brick to trade with other minifigures and get the supplies he needs to complete his mission. This fantastic minifigure also pairs well with other accessories from BrickArms, SI-Dan, Combat Brick and our other favourite third-party LEGO weapons brands.

If you want to add one of the deadliest LEGO assassins to ever live to your collection, then you can pick your very own LEGO John Brick minifigure up by clicking here.

Also, check out this awesome video with a custom Ford Mustang MOC! - The Rocketman

The Rocketman

There have been lots of fantastic musical events throughout the past year, and one of the best is undoubtedly ‘The Rocketman’ – a fantastic event which detailed the life of one of the best musicians of all times. Luckily, could keep the hype around the Rocketman ongoing thanks to their fantastic minifigure of this great character. This character is one of the most intricately detailed minifigures to ever leave the labs – featuring everything from a remarkably detailed torso print (complete with chest hair!) to printed legs, and incredibly detailed printed details on the minifigure’s arms too.

If that isn’t enough he also comes with a unique double-sided head print, and a specially painted hairpiece – creating one of the most unique minifigures which you will ever be able to add to your minifigure collections! He also includes a LEGO microphone accessory and a custom-printed album tile to complete his iconic look.

Why not combine the Rocketman with some of the other musical minifigures available – such as The Starman, or The King? Together, these minifigures will form one of the greatest collections of custom-printed musical stars around!

Blast your way towards owning your very own ‘Rocketman’ minifigure by picking yours up here.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

Whether you love or hate the current leader of the United Kingdom’s government, it is safe to say that this minifigure is a fun tongue-in-cheek interpretation of him. Although I don’t own this minifigure yet, I am eager to pick him up for myself this Christmas as I think that he is a wonderfully quirky interpretation of our current Prime Minister. Boris comes wearing the signature blue tie – symbolic of the Conservative Political Party – and comes with the slightly creased and wrinkled suit which he is so often seen donning publicly.

His messy appearance is only further completed by his ruffled hair and the ‘interesting’ alternate face which he features – highlighting perfectly this interesting icon of modern-day politics. If all this doesn’t suck you in though, then Boris also comes with a printed calendar with a date circled on it which has since become synonymous with UK politics – the 31st of October. Although this date is now past, an important part of UK politics has been immortalised forever in this wonderfully wacky interpretation of Boris Johnson.

Looking to add other World Leaders to your LEGO Minifigure collection? I LOVE’s interpretation of Donald Trump – the current (emphasis on current!) President of the United States of America.

Pick up your own Boris Johnson by clicking here. - Xmas Figures

Christmas Specials

It would seem unfair to write a piece talking about Christmas minifigure choices without touching on some of the fantastic Christmas-themed minifigures which we are available on One of my favourite Christmas minifigures is Ebenezer Scrooge – who comes complete with a fantastic fabric coat, LEGO scarf piece and a top-hat to compliment his appearance from the era in which the classic tale, ‘A Christmas Carol’, is set. This is a great minifigure to add to your collection – if you can tolerate the occasional ‘Bah, Humbug!’ sucking some of the festive joy out of your minifigures.

Another one of my favourite Christmas-themed minifigures is ‘Surfin Santa’ – a great interpretation on the classic Santa with a little bit of Summer Flare. Coming complete with a stylish custom hair piece, and a wonderful printed Surfboard, it is safe to say that ‘Surfin Santa’ is one figure who really puts the cool factor back into LEGO Christmas!

You can choose from all the occasion-themed figures on by clicking here.


There are lots of fantastic minifigures available from this Christmas – and lots, of which, we are sure you will want to add to your Christmas Wishlist! Don’t forget the spirit of Christmas however. Great minifigures can be shared with the whole family, and can make for some fantastically unique gifts which will leave a lasting impression on the people who receive them.

Whatever you get this holiday season, we hope you have a wonderful time filled with friends, family and lots of LEGO! Make sure to share all your holiday pictures with us via both Firestar Toys and on Social Media – we’d love to see your LEGO Christmas hauls!

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