The Secret Life of LEGO Pets

First things first – this article is not about the animated feature film released in 2016, or how to create a LEGO version of it. No, it’s about the Collectible Minifigure series, and how some of them ended up having companions. You will also find the backstories of the LEGO pets included in these series, and see the world through their eyes.

Let me warn you, though, some of these animals are unusual to have as pets, and they can be quite nagging from time to time.

The Bat

lego vampire and his pet batThe first collectible minifigure to have a pet was the Vampire (CMF 2). He had a bat, of course, very fitting for a vampire, wouldn’t you say? However, several centuries of a regular vampire life had been enough for him. He wanted to change.

Of course it’s not easy for a creature of the night to just start “living” during the day. The sun could be pretty deadly for someone like him. Fortunately, he was the creative kind, and decided to have night life, full of parties. During the day, he sleeps, reads comic books and plays video games, and once the sun is set, the party starts!

The bat is not very happy with his ‘master’. His ancestors have served lords and wizards, even inspired heroes to use their names. But fetching a newspaper? No, he has never been more humiliated in his life. This “vampire” better pull himself together, or else he will soon be bat-less!

The Fish and the Scorpion

The Fisherman and the Mummy (both CMF 3) were the next ones to have companions. Most people thought the Fisherman was going to eat the fish, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. You see, he was a child of two worlds. His mother was from earth, and his father was from a people who lived under the sea. As a result, he was able to talk to marine animals. In his youth, he had the animals, his friends, his family. However, as he got older, his life became more and more lonely. He realized the only way he’s going to find someone to talk to is by catching someone, not waiting around for them to come.

The fish has a few opinions on this matter. First of all, rude. She would happily come and chat with him if he just asked, no need to drag her by the tail. Second of all, very, very inconsiderate. Does he have any idea how many eggs she has to deal with every day? Getting her away from them whenever he feels like is so… so… human!!

While she continues her rambling, let’s move on to the Mummy and his scorpion.

It’s not a well-known fact, but the scorpion was the reason for the Mummy’s demise. He was taking a stroll in the desert, enjoying the sun, when suddenly he felt this unbearable pain in his foot. Without knowing, he stumbled near the scorpion’s home, and she stung him to protect her children. The poor guy died right there and then. At first, he was angry for this early death. However, after he was mummified and came back to ‘life’, he realized being a mummy was so much more fun than being a human, and went to the scorpion to thank her. She explained that it was in her nature, that it wasn’t personal, and they became very good friends. These days, when she goes hunting, the Mummy babysits the scorplings.

The Chimpanzee

The Zookeeper and the Egyptian Queen from CMF 5 also come with their own LEGO pets (there’s also the Ice Fisherman, but we don’t talk about him, it upsets the fish mentioned above). You may think these are odd choices to have as pets, but bear with me as I explain how it came to be.

The Zookeeper knew she was going to have a profession related to animals ever since she was a little girl. Life was good to her, and she got the chance to work in her city’s zoo. She was once sent to the jungle, to observe the animals in their natural habitats. This journey didn’t end up too well. She came across poachers, and words were exchanged. They weren’t too happy with her, and tried to capture her to avoid trouble with the law, but she was quick and escaped. As she was looking for a place to hide, she came across a baby chimpanzee, not two feet away from his mother, who has already met the poachers. The baby was shocked and scared, and she couldn’t just leave him there. She grabbed him, and they both safely came back to the zoo.

It is too painful to tell this story from the baby chimp’s point of view. However, he loves his new mom, and adores his new home. There are so many different animals he can play with, and this thing called peanut is a godsend! He is a little afraid of the lion’s den, true, but the cubs have been very friendly to him, and he grows more confident every day.

The Snake lego Egyptian queen and her pet snake

Legend says an Egyptian queen, very much like the one we have, killed herself by letting a snake bite her. What it doesn’t say is why that snake was really there. You see, snakes can be very loyal creatures, and if they truly love someone, they will not harm them. The Egyptian Queen’s father was an animal-monger. Now, the term may not sound very nice today. But back in his day, it meant someone who takes care of all kinds of animals. She learned that snakes made great companions as a little girl, and when she became queen, she had a whole nest of them in her quarters.

The snakes, mainly their alpha, were in love with the queen. He brought her gifts from time to time, everything between small prey and jewels. He guarded her as she slept, and kept her company when she felt alone. So when she asked him to bite her, he refused. How could he ever harm the one he loved? She had to explain in detail why he must (which I will not share here, to respect her privacy), and only then he decided to fulfill his queen’s wish. 

Another legend, one that is told between snakes, says he slithered away with heartbreak and was never seen again.

The Chimpanzee – again!

Some of you might have heard of the story of a boy who was raised by apes. After he turned out to be a great human being, raising a human child became very popular among other apes. The Jungle Boy (CMF 7) was the result of this trend. After all, humans can be very careless, leaving their babies here and there.

When his adoptive mom found him, he was sleeping safely in his crib. She didn’t see anyone else around, and thought he was abandoned. Her hormones may not have been working well, since she just gave birth, but she just couldn’t leave him there. Growing up, the Jungle Boy had many friends, apes, elephants, even a panther. However, he was also very curious about the human world. Swinging from vines gets old pretty quick.

The thought of losing his son scared the mama ape, so she tasked him with taking care of his brother. While the Jungle Boy isn’t happy with this, his brother is very excited. Their mom can be really overprotective, but with his brother at his side, he can see other parts of the jungle, meet new animals, and even yell “Aaaaaa” as they swing together!

The Starfish

Do you remember the kid who threw the starfish on the shore back to the sea? He is the reason this starfish rejoined the Mermaid (CMF 9).

She had no idea where she was, or how she got there. It was getting harder and harder to move, and breathe, too. Suddenly, she felt something holding her body, and before she knew it, she was flying. For a few seconds, she was really afraid, there were many predators in the air. She had started to accept her fate when she felt the ocean on her body once again.

Soon after, the Mermaid appeared, almost out of nowhere, and told her how worried she has been. You see, they were planning on traveling the world together, and just as they were done packing, a huge wave threw the starfish on the shore. The Mermaid looked everywhere for her, without any success. She was more than happy to find her travel companion once again, and before the next wave hit, they started swimming towards the unknown.

Some fish claim they heard the starfish say “Thank you, for making a difference.”

The Chihuahua and the Seagull

lego trendsetter and her pet chihuahuaThe Trendsetter (CMF 10) is admired by many minifigures. Whatever she does, wears or eats, becomes popular in the blink of an eye. While there are some disadvantages, she loves being the center of attention, and someone everyone looks up to.

Her loyal companion, not so much. It is humiliating enough that she carries him around like a bag because of his small size, but being popular has made it really hard to find true friends. You never know if a dog is talking to you because she likes you, or just because you’re popular. He has decided to leave her several times, but every time she says “Who’s a good boooy” with that charming smile, he gives in and shows her his belly, letting her know he is a good boy.

As experienced as the Sea Captain (CMF 10) may be, there are some situations even he can’t get out of. A few years ago, his boat got caught up in a storm, and he thought it was his last voyage. Then he saw the seagull – it was as if nature was sending him a lifeline! He followed her, and soon he was safe back in the port. Ever since that night, he calls her his good luck charm, and never goes anywhere without her.

On that same night, the seagull was as lost as the captain. But seeing someone in trouble switched on her natural instincts, and she was able to lead both the captain and herself to safety. She enjoys the company of the old man, and the fish he gives her even more.

The Cat and the Crow

If someone has told the Grandma (CMF 11) in her youth that she will become an old cat lady – she would laugh in their face! She was very adventurous you see, traveled all over the world. Rumor has it that she even went to space! But as she got old, she left the adventuring to others and decided to have a more quiet life for a change.

Ash (her cat) is very happy with this decision. His fur is gray for a reason, after all. He is almost 14 years old! Having a companion who doesn’t constantly travel around is a blessing. He loves sitting on her lap while she naps, and definitely a huge fan of the tuna fish she gives him. They don’t see eye to eye when it comes to plants, but hey, no relationship is perfect.

The Scarecrow (CMF 11) used to take his job very seriously. He was the only one around to protect the farmer’s crops, and those pesky crows were always trying to steal them. He thought he was very scary. It was, after all, in his name.

So imagine his surprise when a crow landed on his hat and told him he falls under the “adorable” category rather than “scary”, with those button eyes and that nice smile. She then explained to him why the crows kept coming, and how important their role was in the world. At first, the Scarecrow didn’t believe her. He was raised to believe crows were tricksters. However, this one looked very sincere (and she was), so they made a pact. He wouldn’t scare away the crows, and they would only eat from the small portion reserved for them. Meanwhile, she would keep him company, and keep an eye on both sides.

The Frog

Even though we have already mentioned how the frog and the Fairytale Princess (CMF 12) are connected, let’s give a quick summary so she doesn’t feel left out.

lego fairytale princess and her pet frogThe Fairytale Princess thinks that if she kisses enough frogs, she will turn into one herself and go on a grand adventure as a frog. She has no idea that her necklace, a gift from her mother, is enchanted to prevent such a mishap.

The frog, on the other hand, doesn’t share her enthusiasm. Being kissed by a human is bad enough, but being kissed by a girl? Ew. She does feel lucky, though, because for some reason the princess feels close to her and keeps her around, unlike her predecessors who ended up in the royal kitchen. So for now she lets the princess kiss her, while secretly working on her escape plan.

The Cobra

lego snake charmer and his pet cobraLike his father before him, the Snake Charmer (CMF 13) loves all reptiles. He has found the cobra when she was just an egg, and cared for her ever since. He also believes that music is the best way to connect with reptiles. One day, he says, everyone will realize that.

The cobra is very happy where she is. She feels safe, and more importantly, loved. Not only by the Snake Charmer, but also by the audience. Her species have always been feared by humans, and she is proud to be the one to change that. She loves dancing, and sways beautifully as the Snake Charmer plays her favorite melodies.

The Spider and the Cat

Ever heard of a vampire who likes spiders? Well, now you have. For the Spider Lady (CMF 14), spiders are the most fascinating creatures in the world. She has hundreds of them living in her mansion, but she feels closest to the only red one, who she calls Baron von Skitters.

The ‘Baron’, on the other hand, feels that it’s high time someone told her that it’s “baroness”, not baron. For some reason she just assumed that it was a he, and in the world of spiders, that is very insulting. Even though she keeps her by her side all the time, the spiderlings have started to make fun of her. She needs to get back her authority  somehow. Maybe if she organized everyone and created some meaningful letters… yes, that might work! She needs to think, so if we be so kind to leave her for now…

lego wacky witch and her pet catThe Wacky Witch (CMF 14) had such high hopes for her black cat. He was going to bring everyone bad luck, scratch her enemies, and hiss at unwanted visitors. Instead, he lies under the sun, scratches her couch, and hisses at her when she doesn’t give him snacks. Talk about disappointment!

The black cat doesn’t understand what the fuss is about. Hasn’t she ever read anything about cats??


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The Pig and the Skunk

The Farmer (CMF 15) values hard work above all else. With his trusty companion by his side, he works from sunset to sunrise in the farm to make sure everything is running smoothly. True, he is not so fond of the Scarecrow’s pact with the crows, but everyone needs to eat, right? And there is lots of food to go around, so why not spare some?

The pig is very proud to be chosen to assist the farmer. Even though he doesn’t always listen to what he has to say, he treats him as his equal, which is more than enough for any animal. The only thing that bothers him are the sheep next door. They are always up to something, whether it’s playing football or having late night parties. If  he could only make the farmer see…

The skunk is in love with the Animal Control Officer (CMF 15). He is aware that it’s an impossible love, but he just can’t help it. Every time she catches him and sends him to the woods, he finds a way to come back to her. And he always will!

The officer, unfortunately, doesn’t return his affections. She thinks it’s sweet for a wild animal to like her, but having him loose in the office is a big no-no. Besides, have you ever been on the other side of that tail? Believe me, not something you want to smell regularly.

The Terrier, the Spider and the Penguin

lego dog show winner and his pet terrierThe Dog Show Winner (CMF 16) has been waiting for this day all his life. He has carefully selected a suitable breed, and trained him for a long time for the competition. As luck would have it, all that training paid off. They have won first place! He couldn’t be more happy.

While the terrier is grateful for all this attention and pampering, he feels  there’s more to life than competing. He tries to tell his owner that, but is misunderstood every time. And honestly, he’s getting tired of doing the same tricks over and over again. His cousin keeps inviting him to a magical land, and if he has to play dead one more time, he might just accept his invitation!

lego spooky boy and his pet spiderThe Spooky Boy (CMF 16) doesn’t talk much. All we know about him that he has white skin, loves everything with a little spook in it, and apparently doesn’t show up in photographs. His spider, on the other hand, doesn’t shut up. She told me how her mother was mocked by all the other spiders, how embarrassed she was, and how she had to leave the mansion. When she was picked up by the Spooky Boy, she thought she was done for, but they became the bestest friends! He reads her stories, shows her the neighborhood, and he even made her a little mansion of her own!

The Wildlife Photographer (CMF 16) is a patient one. She knows to get a great picture, you sometimes need to wait days in the wild. It does, however, get lonely. So she was very happy when a small penguin walked up to her and decided to keep her company – and very surprised when he started dancing!

The penguin has always been the odd one out in his colony. He danced while everyone else sang. He was curious when others were cautious. When he saw the Wildlife Photographer, all alone, waiting for something… he thought she would understand how he felt, and decided to become her friend. Needless to say, both parties were very happy to have found a companion.

The Bulldog and the Bunny

lego connoisseur and his pet bulldog“Excuse me?! I’m no mere bulldog, I’m a French bulldog!!”

And apparently able to read, too. Just as I was taking notes, he took one quick look and started complaining. As if it wasn’t bad enough for people to call him a pug! Why was it so hard for humans to learn what he’s called? He has worked hard to get where he is, and everyone is trying to undermine him!!!

Don’t be fooled by the smile on his face. That one is a nagger.

The Connoisseur (CMF 17) seems to agree with him. After all, he knows everything about everything, and the only way to please him is to please his dog.

I’m going to leave these two to their critiquing. They remind me too much of my college tutors.

lego veterinarian and her pet bunnyThe Veterinarian (CMF 17) and her assistant bunny, are so much calmer than the two above. She told me stories about all the scary animals she treated, and how their attitude changed once they knew they were safe. Some of them thought she brought them a snack when they saw the bunny, but she explained patiently that he was a friend, not food.

The bunny gets angry when others, especially carnivores, look at him as a snack. He has studied zoology books in his little burrow, and helped the Veterinarian out of some tough situations. Still, he knows how narrow minded some animals can be, and tries his best to change the way they think.

On a side note, when the bunny was out of the room, the Veterinarian told me he asked her to go down the rabbit hole with him several times, which made her worry. I wasn’t sure how to respond to that.

The Mouse, the Fish and the Spider

These three are the luckiest of all the above mentioned LEGO pets, because they all got to go to the 40th anniversary party! The Elephant Costume Girl (CMF 18) was a little startled when she saw the mouse, but she quickly got used to having him around. The Cat Costume Girl made a special blue suit for her pet fish, so she could breathe out of water. The Spider Suit Boy… well, he was originally there to scare everyone with his costume and his spider, but realized dancing is much more fun.

As for their companions… The mouse still doesn’t understand why people start screaming when they see him. He is the smallest creature around, and quite frankly, the most harmless one. Also, who on earth invited a cat and a mouse to the same party? Isn’t anywhere safe anymore??

The fish seemed content where she was. She used sign language to tell me how grateful she was to the Cat Costume Girl for befriending her instead of eating her. On top of that, she was thoughtful enough to create this awesome suit, so they could go out together and meet new spider suit boy and his pet spider

The spider is a little tired of the Spider Suit Boy’s constant need to scare others. The only reason he left his family was because everyone was scared to come visit them! Fortunately, he seems to enjoy himself while dancing, so maybe he won’t try so hard anymore…

The Party is Over

And so is this article. Let me know in the comments what kind of LEGO pets you’d like to see in the future, will you? Trying to talk to animals and understand what they’re trying to say is hard work, so if I could just close my eyes for five minu……….

lego pets group picture


Disclaimer: While most of the facts mentioned in this post came from reliable sources, the relationships of the characters and their backstories mostly came from the author’s imagination. Any and all similarities between what’s mentioned above and what the LEGO Group has intended are purely coincidental.

Images showing single figures are taken from and The group picture belongs to the author.


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