LEGO Game of Thrones Minifigures: An Unconventional Guide

As I child, I was as purist as you can ever be – maybe even more! It was strictly forbidden for anyone else to swap one figure’s hair with another, even if it was to show something to me. I would say “Yeah, right, let’s change it to the original now”. Some of that is still true, I do prefer to keep the minifigures as they are, but now I create my own minifigures, too, with either official LEGO parts or custom printed ones. I thought I’d create a how-to guide for creating your own LEGO Game of Thrones minifigures, since we’re in the last season and watching each episode with so much excitement.

If you’re into the TV series, or the unfinished book series (honestly I still have hope George R.R. Martin will finish them), you may have searched for some custom made LEGO Game of Thrones minifigures, or tried to do your own versions of them. True, custom figures do sound more appealing, and they’re definitely easier to get. Some of them have fantastic printing, they replicate the on-screen appearance perfectly. However, I always found something isn’t quite the way I want with custom figures, at least when it comes to Game of Thrones. The hair, the expression, or the accessories – either one or all don’t reflect what I see in that particular character.

Of course everyone sees something different when they look at the cast, and even if we didn’t, they have changed so much ever since the first season. So keep in mind that this is my own interpretation of the characters.

Cersei Lannister

Let’s start with one of the strongest, shall we? Here are a few ideas for Cersei Lannister, first of her name.

The first two represent Cersei from the earlier seasons, while the next three are from the later ones. All images are computer generated, so she may look a bit different in physical form.

The red dresses have been worn by licensed LEGO characters before, Elizabeth Swann Turner and Rebecca Reid. I think both are fitting for Cersei. The black torsos belong to Count Dooku, Kylo Ren and Margaret Hamilton. The little chain on Dooku’s torso is almost an exact replica of the one on Cersei’s dress, but Kylo’s and Margaret’s torsos provide more texture. The first black skirt piece can be found in Magpie, while the newer one belongs to Barriss Offee and Jafar. Keep in mind that the older skirts, a.k.a. decorated slopes, are higher than the newer ones, as can be seen in the image.

I think Black Widow’s or Princess Leia’s head represents the earlier Cersei pretty well, when she had all her children and everything seemed to be going her way (1 & 2). Of course, you can always turn it around to make her more serious, or angry. That side can also be used for her later appearances, when she doesn’t have much to smile about (3). The heads of Captain Marvel (4) and Lois Lane (5) can also be used.

As for the hair pieces, the first one can be found in the Mermaid from the 9th CMF series, the second in Calamity Drone, the third in Detective Ace Brickman, the fourth in Anakin Skywalker, and the last one in Luke Skywalker.

Arya Stark

And here she is, the girl that saved us all! Well, all of Westeros anyway. Arya holds a special place in my heart, since she’s one of my favorites. Like most of the characters still alive, she has changed a lot since the first season. So here are a few ideas for her.

lego arya stark

Personally, I never liked Arya with short legs, even though she’s one of the smallest characters. But it’s always an option. At least we now have medium legs and she can be posed like others. I’m hopeful that in time there will be more color options.

The first image shows Arya before all hell broke loose. She had her “dancing lessons” and even though Sansa drove her crazy, she was happy. I think Ron’s head displays that feeling pretty well. As a bonus, the other side of the head is a scared expression. I used Anakin’s torso for her simple shirt, and dark green legs. Her hair is still long, and even a little fancy.

The second and third are when she flees the city after Ned’s execution, posing as a boy, until she goes blind in Braavos. The head used is the two sides of the same part, originally used by Frodo. I changed the arms for the first and the hands for the second, since their original colors were different. The parts used can be found by clicking on the following links: hair, head, torso, arms, legs, for the short-legged version and hair, torso, legs for the medium-legged version.

The torso of the fourth one is a bit brighter than what we’re used to see Arya wear, but I think the little wolf brooch is a nice touch. It represents her after she comes back to Winterfell. Of course if you think it’s too bright, you can use the torso from the last image instead. Black Canary’s screaming head is perfect for her in battle (4), while the other side shows Arya’s resting… Arya face 🙂 (5) The hair used for the last two is Qui-Gon Jinn’s, but I think the more recently released hair piece Rey has is more fitting.

Finally, this is the Arya I have. It represents a very rare moment in her life, where she pretends to be a regular girl watching a show, and not a ruthless assassin sent there to kill an actress. For a short while, she seems to forget about her worries, and enjoys the moment. The back print of the head is reserved for using Needle.

lego game of thrones arya stark

The parts used are as follows: Hair, head, torso, legs, Needle

Samwell Tarly

Okay, so he may not be among the strongest characters, at least physically, but I think he has a pretty important role. And he always manages to make me smile, so he’s next on the list.

Sam is both one of the easiest and the hardest characters to make. The uniforms of the crows are simple, and yet giving them a plain black torso wouldn’t be fair. As for the head, while I have alternatives, only one of them calls out “Yes, I’m Sam!” to me.

The first two are alternatives for his uniform, while the third is what he wears at the citadel. I used Qui-Gon’s head for the first, Aragorn’s for the second, and Captain America’s for the third. However, I think only the first one shows the innocence that still exists in Sam. The other two characters are both battle-hardened, which shows in their faces, even in LEGO form.

Here are the parts used:

  1. Hair, head, torso, legs
  2. Hair, head, torso, legs
  3. Hair, head, torso, legs

If you’re not happy with his uniform, here are a few more ideas.

lego game of thrones night's watch torso alternatives

These are from TMNT, Star Wars, and Ninjago themes, respectively.


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Brandon Stark

Here’s another character who’s physically weak but otherwise very strong, and very important, too. If not for him, we would never know Jon Snow was Aegon Targaryen!

lego brandon stark

The first two are from the earlier seasons. Two different torsos for the young lord of Winterfell, and two different legs, posable and non-posable. I changed the arms and hands of both the torsos on the left and right to match the colors. Even though I used shorter hair pieces here (this and this), I think Qi’ra’s hair will fit him best, since at that point his hair is pretty long.

The second group is after he comes back to Winterfell. The torso and the legs are the same for both, but with a different head. The one on the left belongs to Credence Barebone. I think it reflects the emotionless state of Bran perfectly. As a bonus, the backside of the same head has white eyes, for when he goes to Three-Eyed Raven mode. However, if you think he looks too angry like that, you can always use Chirrut Imwe’s head for a more neutral expression, shown on the right. I also added a wheelchair since that’s how he ‘walks around’.

The Free Folk

As I was looking through the web for reference images, I found different variations of Wildling toys. Some of them were dressed in brown, while others in gray. I mean, it does make sense when you think about it. Their outfits are made from animal skin, hence the brown, but they live in a snow covered environment, and after a while the snow becomes a part of their outfits, making it more grayish. So I decided to provide two main colors for my Wildlings, dark brown and dark bluish gray.

lego game of thrones wildling minifigures

The first two, as you may have already guessed, are Ygritte and Tormund. Since they’re both pretty significant in the series, I thought they deserve their own figures. The third one is Mance Rayder, also a pretty important character, though not with us anymore. The fourth is the Lord of Bones. Honestly, I can’t remember exactly how he fit into everything, but I needed a lucky winner and he was the first to catch my eye.

Both Ygritte and Tormund are touched by fire, so I used dark orange hair & beard pieces. Ygritte’s hair is pretty common, but the head shown is the image was only in one other character, so it may be a bit harder to find. It does, however, have a back print showing an angry expression, so that’s a plus. Her torso belongs to a troll from the Castle theme, so the arms and hands need changing, and the legs are from Qi’ra.

Now Tormund was a bit of a challenge. Not the outfit or the hair or the beard, but his face. I wanted to have him a silly expression, because I wanted a version of him flirting with Brienne 🙂 Fortunately, LEGO has printed some very comical expressions, and Robin’s head provided just what I wanted. Alternatively, Owen Grady’s smug head pieces can be used, too (this or this). As for the hair, I used Godric Gryffindoor’s. While it fits perfectly, it’s pretty rare and therefore expensive. But this one can provide a good alternative. His beard is easier to find. The torso was originally made for Fili from the Hobbit, and his legs are Beorn’s, also from the Hobbit. While not exactly accurate, it does give the idea of a fur coat, so it was good enough for me.

For Mance Rayder, I used Han Solo’s hair, Wuher’s head, a pirate’s torso and Captain Salazar’s legs. I also have alternative head and hair pieces for him, which you can see in the image below.

lego mance rayder alternative parts

The Lord of Bones turned out to be pretty easy to make, once I found this head piece. I also found an orc torso with lots of bones, which is very fitting for him. The legs are Chewbacca’s. I was tempted to use the Gargoyle’s head accessory, but at the time it seemed a bit too extreme so I gave him a regular hair piece instead. Of course you can always this one and not worry about the face or the hair at all.

One of the biggest challenges with almost all the Wildling torsos is that they belong to old sets. Not old like 1980s, but like the Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. A handful of sets were made, and only for a short while; making the minifigures and their parts harder to find. So I looked through a couple hundred more torsos and legs and found some more alternatives. They may come in pretty handy considering the outfits of the Wildlings are different from each other.

lego torsos for wildlings

You can find them by clicking the following links:

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N

Winter is over…

Well, at least for now. If you end up creating your own LEGO Game of Thrones minifigures, let me know in the comments about how they turn out. Also, if there are other characters you’d like me to make, comment away! While exhausting, this was a very fun exercise!

Before I finish up, I’d like to mention a few things.

First, all the minifigures were made using Mecabricks. After that, if they needed further editing, the images for the heads, torsos and legs were taken from Bricklink to give you a better idea of a complete minifigure. However, since they’re all computer generated, there’s a good chance the colors will look different on an actual minifigure. Please keep that in mind before you purchase.

Second, there are 3 very important characters I didn’t purposely make minifigures of. Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and Jaime Lannister. already has these made, with top quality printing and accessories. Don’t forget to check them out.

Third, to keep your minifigures in the North warm, FireStar Toys offer a wide range of capes – fur capes! They’re perfect for adding that extra detail to all the Northerners and Wildlings.

Last, but definitely not the least, there’s this guy called brixxss on Instagram, who has been a huge inspiration to me when it comes to LEGO Game of Thrones. He has an incredible collection of minifigures, and recreates many scenes from the show. He is most definitely worth following if you’re a fan.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed it, and see you in another article!

lego game of thrones season 8 opening scene

Season 8 opening scene by brixxss


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