I Think I’m Living with a Superhero – Part 3

I finally showed up to Main Bank. There was police everywhere. A fire had broken out inside the bank and the smoke was filling the night sky. I could hear the Fire Services on their way, their sirens transcended all the noise and chaos that was around me.

I kept pushing past the crowd, calling the Agents and MiniBob constantly. Nothing. Straight to voicemail. I finally got to the front, only to be pushed back by a police officer

If you wouldn’t mind sir”  – He said as he slowly nudged me back into the crowd. 

I couldn’t see MiniBob anywhere. All I could see was a number of Minifigures all tied up, lying face down on the floor.  And next to them, was a bag of money which was slightly ajar. You could see some bundles sticking out. I refused to move.

Was one of those guys MiniBob? Did he mastermind the robbery, or did he stop it? What was going on?

Eventually, as the suspects got led away, I could see all of their faces, and thankfully no MiniBob…. Maybe he saved the day. After all, I suspected he was a superhero – was this the success of a caper? 

But where was he? I looked at my watch and it was nearing 5 am… Where was MiniBob…? 

Finally my phone rang. It was the agents: 

“Bob – we’ve just followed MiniBob – he’s back at your house..”

Before I could even ask what happened at Main Bank – the line went dead again. Followed by a text from the agents: 

“Low battery, talk tomorrow….”

As I rushed home, all sorts of things went through my mind. What if the bad guys ever got revenge? I mean, that could happen, right? 

It was time to have the conversation with MiniBob. I know he’s a crime fighter and we’ve got to talk about this.

It’s just when I turned the key to go into the house, what happened next was even beyond my wildest of dreams. 

To be continued…


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